Flexibility in Storage System Design

We’re always talking about the importance of a flexible storage system design. When you first realize the need for a new storage system, the process can seem overwhelming. You must determine not only what you need right now, but also what you might need in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future – but you certainly can try. We’re going back to basics and using the 5 W’s to prove why flexibility is one of the most important, if not THE most important, element to getting the most out of your storage system design.Storage System Design museum storage example

WHO will be utilizing the storage system the most?

When considering a brand-new storage system, the first thought that pops in your mind is what you need to store. That’s the thought that probably led you here in the first place. It is equally important to consider the employees who will be utilizing that storage system daily. Employee safety and satisfaction plays a huge role in a running a successful business. A storage system that is adaptable and straightforward to manage can assist in achieving employee satisfaction.

WHAT will be stored?

Of course, what you are storing is one of the largest considerations when planning a storage system design. File boxes, large sculptures, evidence, nuts and bolts. Based on your industry, the possibilities are endless.

In the manufacturing industry, an automated storage and retrieval system can hold hundreds of parts in a multitude of configurations. As your storage requirements change over time, the compartments within the machine can be reconfigured.

In the world of museums, collections on display change. The collections, and their sizes, rotate throughout secure storage areas and keeping them protected is of utmost importance. A storage system with flexibility will stand the test of time.

If high-density mobile storage is identified as the best option for your space, multiple types of shelving systems can be mounted on top of the carriage. Shelving heights, depths and sizes are adaptable as well.

WHERE will the storage system be installed?

Can you really bank on always being in the same location and having the same storage needs for the rest of your company’s lifespan? It’s possible, but unlikely. Physical items change – they get updated, they get smaller, they get larger. If you plan with both your current needs and the future in mind, a well-designed storage system can change configurations, locations and serve your business for years to come.

WHEN and how quickly will you need access to the items being stored?

You want a system that will allow for quick access to the items that are needed daily but can also keep those you don’t need frequent access to safe and secure. Both goals can be achieved if the correct storage system is selected.

WHY do you need this storage system?

What are the goals you hope to accomplish? Once you drill down on the WHY, we can work together to determine the best solution for your space.

Do you oversee a manufacturing facility and are trying to improve picker accuracy and reduce on the job injuries? Are you responsible for a multi-million-dollar art collection that needs a multifaceted storage system to keep every priceless item safe from damage? Or do you manage order pickup in a retail space and need a streamlined process to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction?

Although each of the scenarios are incredibly different, flexibility, efficiency and safety are the keys. It is crucial to go with a storage system design that can adapt with time and grow as your business grows. This has the potential to be a big monetary investment. Make it one that is worth it in the long run.