Time is precious, and so are the materials you need stored. At O’Brien Systems, we understand how important it is to make the most of both your time and space, while providing the best solutions for your storage needs. We partner with the best manufacturers in the business to deliver high-quality products and service, all while keeping your end goal in mind.

High Density Mobile Storage solutions, O'Brien Systems

High-Density Mobile Storage

Increase storage capacity and filling capacity while reducing wasted space.

Vertical Lifts, O'Brien Systems

Lifts & Carousels

Improve productivity and efficiency by automating storage and retrieval systems.

Lockers, O'Brien Systems


Safe and secure storage of personal items, packages, police evidence and more.

Storage shelf, O'Brien Systems

Static Shelving

Simple and sturdy storage built to fit your specific needs.

Lateral Cabinet storage solutions


Store more in less space while maintaining security and flexibility.

Modular Casework, O'Brien Systems

Modular Casework

Flexible and functional solution for any office space, laboratory or clinic.