High-Density Mobile Storage

When volume is growing and expanding to a bigger location is costly, a high-density mobile system may be your best solution.

Maximize capacity and eliminate wasted space

High-density mobile storage systems can transform wasted, valuable space by doubling the amount of storage units in the same square footage. When mobile shelving is not in use, all units can be moved into one compact space, creating the ability to utilize the space for other applications. In addition, high-density storage could minimize the size of an addition or possibly eliminate the need all together by better utilizing existing space.

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High-density mobile systems are mounted on wheeled, rail guided carriages. These carriages can move back and forth or side to side – whichever works best for your space. Depending on your storage needs, carriages can be fitted with any configuration of shelving, cabinets or racks.

Many different ways to maximize storage

What if you’ve run out of storage space and are stacking expensive items in haphazard ways but you simply have no additional space to add more shelving? It may seem there is no possible way to solve this problem. This is where high-density mobile storage comes into play.

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