All industries have the same goal when it comes to storage – maximize space while keeping your materials safe and secure. Industries evolve and need change. Whether it be repurposing existing space to create more efficiency or building a new facility and ensuring you maximize its potential, O’Brien Systems can guide you in the right direction.

Art Racks Storage, Museum Storage, O'Brien Systems


In the museum industry, attention must be paid to the safety and preservation of items being stored.



In a high-traffic environment, space optimization is key to maintaining an efficient flow of visitors and growing resources.

Retail Storage solution, O'Brien Systems


Store planning and design can help meet performance goals and deliver a better customer experience.

Vertical Farming Storage, Industries, O'Brien Systems

Vertical Farming

Growing vertically can save space and result in a higher crop yield per square foot.

Automated Storage Solutions, Industries, O'Brien Systems

Material Handling & Warehouse

Organizations interested in reducing cost and increasing productivity rely on high-capacity storage solutions and AS/RS material handling equipment.

Gun Storage, Government and Public Safety, O'Brien Systems

Government & Public Safety

Efficient storage and record management can increase productivity and security.

High Density Mobile Shelving, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, O'Brien System

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Time-saving storage solutions can make a big difference in the success of your facility.

Mobile shelving units used for Corporate & Legal storage

Corporate & Legal

A well-organized storage system allows for faster allocation and retrieval of important files and materials.