Museum Storage in the Midst of a Move

museum storage

What do you think it takes to move a museum? Museum storage has a bigger role when planning a move than you may think. While the collection(s) itself is the star of the show, storage plays the best supporting actor role in the beginning, middle and end of the process. It takes many years and…

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Automated Storage: Past, Present and Future

automated storage

Let’s talk automated storage. We have been on many site visits where we walk into an existing storage space and our minds go a million miles a minute. There are rows of static shelving and stacks of modular drawer cabinets taking up so much square footage on the ground level. Don’t get us wrong –…

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Flexibility in Storage System Design

Storage System Design museum storage example

We’re always talking about the importance of a flexible storage system design. When you first realize the need for a new storage system, the process can seem overwhelming. You must determine not only what you need right now, but also what you might need in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future – but…

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Storage Solutions Throughout the Years

O'Brien Systems shelving installation example

Like anything else, storage solutions have seen significant change over the years. Boxes on boxes of paper files stored on wire rack shelving is a thing of the past. Files are being digitized and items are being stored in smarter, more efficient ways. When you’ve been in the business of storage for as long as…

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Warehouse storage options to maximize space and efficiency

Warehouse storage pallet-pack example

Warehouse storage options help organize the mountains of inventory these large buildings are intended to house.  Although a warehouse on the outside may look like there’s plenty of space, utilizing that space comes with a lot of planning responsibilities. When it comes down to it, it’s all about what you can do with that space.…

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High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

Solanderbox for museum storage by O'Brien System

If you’ve been knee deep in research looking for a new storage system for your space, it’s likely you’ve come across high-density mobile storage system. Sure, the end result looks great – but how exactly do we get there? There’s much more to do than just dropping some shelving into your office or warehouse. Given…

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Custom Storage System from Start to Finish

O'Brien System working on custom storage solution

Do you think your business could use a custom storage system? Stuff is piling up. Your shelving is falling apart. Your library or office needs to be revived. It may seem like the process of refreshing your space with a custom storage system would be a total nightmare. Where do you even start? Here’s some good…

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Museum storage options designed to protect your collections

Museum storage options art screen

Museum storage options may not seem very complex. Hang shelves and put all your most valuable and important items on them. But this concept is not only inaccurate but also could eventually damage your possessions or goods. Let’s talk about museum storage options. Regardless of the medium, the goal needs to be more than just…

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