Museum Storage

We understand how to store your most valued collections while optimizing space and organization.

Maximize capacity and eliminate wasted space

When it comes to museum storage, preservation is everything. These buildings are home to our past, present and eventually, our future. Collections will continue to grow over time and what is in those collections varies by shape, size and weight. Their cost? Priceless (in other words, incredibly expensive).


Safekeeping and protection

Safe storage for your most valuable collections.


Storage accommodations to protect from fire, air and moisture for optimum preservation.


Save up to 50% of floorspace and still have room for large scale items such as furniture and paintings.


Construction costs for properly built museum storage often exceeds $800/square foot. Make the most effective use of that space.

Solutions for Museum Storage

High-Density Mobile Storage

High-density mobile storage systems can double or even triple your storage space. Collections are growing but your needs remain the same – keep it safe from outside exposure. These versatile mobile shelving systems are not one size fits all. They are custom-made with you, and whatever items you’re storing, in mind.

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Art Screens

Paintings come in all shapes and sizes. Art screens are breathable and double sided, allowing double the storage. Paintings can be hung on both sides of the screen, maximizing the amount of artwork stored in the same footprint.


Prints, drawings, maps, archives. Each of these mediums have their own place in history. If not stored properly, they can break down over time. Flat file cabinet storage can be your solution, capitalizing on both space and protection.

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Depending on the item you are storing, environmental factors can play a huge role in how they should be stored. Exposure to oxygen or different temperatures could damage certain materials over time. Visual cabinets allow for items to be on display without the constant opening and closing of cabinet doors.


The artwork and artifacts on display for the public to see is only a small percentage of the entire collection – the rest needs to be tucked away safely and properly. From paintings and textiles to sculptures and dinosaur bones, we’re here to figure out the most elegant, appropriate and cost-effective storage solutions for your invaluable items.


  • Easy Access & Display
  • Security
  • Space Maximization


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